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About Us

What Makes Us Different?

We Are A Referral Based Firm

Our clients come to us by referral from existing clients, their attorneys or their accountants. Most financial advisors are required to spend nearly all of their time finding their clients. As a result, they can effectively represent only 1 or 2 companies, and can only offer their clients choices from what those companies have to offer. Being a referral-based firm allows us to take the time to continuously research multiple options for our clients. It also allows us to provide you with a level of service that you have never experienced before. It’s a simple and effective business philosophy. We’d rather spend our time doing the best possible job for you, and taking the best possible care of your ongoing needs, than spend our time looking for new clients.

What Our Being A Referral-Based Firm Means To You

We earn being a referral-based firm by considering your best interest in our recommendations to you, even if that means passing on an opportunity to do business with you. Our objective is not to complete a transaction and move on. We provide our clients a level of ongoing service you’ve not experienced before. We are attentive to every detail that can help you protect, and get the most from, your savings. This includes continuous access to concise information you can use to make decisions that are comfortable for you in managing your savings. Our dedication to your best interest allows us to be a referral-based firm.

No Cost To You

We do not charge you any fees for our services. We are compensated by the providers of any accounts or services that you choose to use. Your accounts are opened directly with the providing institutions, and every dollar goes directly into your account, without any deductions. In return, we only ask that, if we keep all of our promises to you, if you’re completely satisfied with the choices we helped you to make, and, if you’re comfortable with the process through which you made your choices, then you’ll refer family and friends to us.

Our Expertise

  • Locate principal-protected accounts that can provide substantially better yields on savings, with complete safety and security…
  • Assure an inflation adjusted Secured Lifetime Income, when needed to supplement pension income, without the fear of living too long and depleting savings…
  • Reduce or eliminate income taxes on savings earnings…
  • Avoid probate costs and delays when savings are transferred to heirs…
  • Reduce or eliminate Estate Taxes…
  • Protect savings from nursing home costs, even when long-term care insurance is not an option…
  • Re-position existing IRA, 401 (k), 403 (b) Tax Sheltered Annuities and other Retirement Plans via direct rollover or direct transfer for clients who want safety and security, combined with the potential of very competitive interest earnings…
  • Stop the IRS from inheriting savings that you want to pass on to loved ones…

Our Promises to You

  • We will listen to you carefully, so we can show you the options that will give you what you want, rather than give you an opinion based on what we think you should want.
  • We will always put your best interest first, even if that means referring you to someone else who can serve you better, or letting you know that we can’t help you.
  • We will never apply any “sales pressure”, or try to rush you to make a decision. We find out from you what’s important to you. We’ll make you aware of your options. We’ll advise you of the benefits and features of each option, as well as the drawbacks. Once you decide which options you’re most comfortable with, we’ll either help you choose the most competitive providers, or refer you to someone who can better serve you, or let you know that we can’t help you. We simply ask, in return, that you be as direct and straightforward with us as we are with you.
  • We will always provide you the very best service possible long after any transactions are completed.

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