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Retirement Security & Income Planning

Retirement Planning in Worcester, MA for Shrewsbury, Leominster & More

The Visper Group has many years of experience in helping clients develop a simple and easy to implement plan for protecting their assets and managing their retirement savings. We provide you the information and tools you need to keep your savings guaranteed and safe, and to protect your assets from the potentially catastrophic consequences of a long-term medical care requirement, like a Nursing Home stay, from the IRS, and from Probate. Our planning models do not tolerate risk. They are deliberately very flexible so that your Personalized Plan can be built upon what is important to you. They also eliminate the uncertainty that causes the unnecessary stress that hampers many retirees from truly enjoying their retirement years.

The Visper Group staff, along with their unique relationship with the Sharry Law Office, provides the information and tools you need to develop a worry-free plan that will address any of the following issues that are important to you:

  • Assure an adequate stream of income, guaranteed and safe, for the rest of your life, to support the lifestyle that you want, with appropriate adjustments for inflation. (If you have, or will have, sufficient pension income, adjusted for inflation, for you and your spouse throughout your retirement years, then you do not need to allocate any of your retirement savings for income production. Otherwise, this should be your very first priority.)…
  • Determine an adequate Emergency Fund…
  • Provide an appropriate reserve for Major Purchases and Special Events…
  • Eliminate unnecessary taxes…
  • Protect savings from the devastating consequences of a long-term medical care requirement like a nursing home stay, without, in most cases, having to buy long-term care insurance…
  • Provide for the effective and efficient transfer to your heirs of any savings you don’t use during your lifetime, without the costs and delays of the probate process and free from all avoidable and unnecessary taxes.

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