What Makes Us Unique

Our Mission

Our focus is on the wants and needs of retirees, and those seriously preparing for retirement. Since 1998, we have developed the expertise and acquired the resources to help you design a thorough and complete Retirement Plan based on your individual circumstances.

A Holistic Approach to Retirement Planning

We will help you to either build or complete a truly holistic Retirement Plan so that all of the components can work together in harmony.

Retirement Income Planning

We can help you design your own Personalized Retirement Income Plan. This includes choosing your most advantageous Social Security and/or Pension filing options. And, since most of us will not be able to maintain our desired lifestyle solely from Social Security or Pension income alone, we can help you determine the best strategies for you to supplement those income sources. Unfortunately, most Financial Advisors continue to use an outdated model for Retirement Income Planning that can have more than just disappointing consequences. Since today’s economic times are radically different from anything we’ve experienced in our lifetime, we offer a Retirement Income Planning model that assures you’ll be able to maintain your desired retirement lifestyle throughout your retirement years WITH CERTAINTY.

We do not charge any fees for our services in our Retirement Income Planning division. Implementing a retirement income plan often requires repositioning some savings. If you choose to do that with any of the major financial institutions we recommend, then we are compensated by the providers of any accounts or services that you choose to use. Your accounts are opened directly with the providing institutions, and every dollar goes directly into your account, without any deductions for us.

Wealth Management

The Visper Retirement Solutions has a referral relationship with Visper Wealth Management, which offers advisory services and professional portfolio management. To learn more please visit www.visperwealth.com.

Advisory services offered through The Patriot Financial Group dba Visper Wealth Management. Patriot Financial Group is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Neither Visper Wealth Management or The Patriot Financial Group are part of Visper Retirement Solutions. The Visper Retirement Solutions may make a referral to Visper Wealth Management


Legal services are provided by attorneys Chris Sharry and Jeff Monfette. Both attorneys are elder law specialists and have been admitted to the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA). They can help you design an Estate Plan that will allocate what you don’t use in your lifetime to the people or institutions of your choice and in the manner you want them to receive it. In addition, they can be there for you to help you protect what you’ve worked a lifetime to accumulate should you have the misfortune of needing long-term medical care.

The Attorneys do not usually charge you for your first appointment. They will spend whatever time with you is necessary to review any legal documents you already have, to find out what is important to you and what you have to protect. They will then let you know what legal documents and/or modifications, if any, they would recommend and quote you a fee. It is then up to you to decide what services, if any, you would like them to provide.

The Visper Retirement Solutions is not a law firm but is affiliated with Sharry & Monfette LLP.

We encourage our clients to focus first on their Retirement Income Plan, since a comfortable retirement is not possible without the certainty that you will be able to maintain your desired lifestyle throughout all of your retirement years. Once that is secured, then the other necessary dimensions can be added to provide you a totally holistic Retirement and Estate Plan.

A Referral Based Firm

Over 80% of our clients come to us by referral from existing clients, their attorneys or their accountants. Many financial professionals spend most of their time finding clients. As a result, they have less time to research and evaluate the various product solutions from numerous companies.

Being a referral-based firm allows us to take the time to continually research multiple options for our clients. It also allows us to provide you with a level of service that you have never experienced before. It’s a simple and effective business philosophy. We’d rather spend our time doing the best possible job for you and taking the best possible care of your ongoing needs than spend our time looking for new clients. In return, we only ask that, if we keep all of our promises to you, if you’re completely satisfied with the choices we help you make, and if you’re comfortable with the process through which you made them, you’ll refer family and friends to us.

We earn being a referral-based firm by considering only your best interest in our recommendations to you, even if that means passing on an opportunity to do business with you. Our objective is not to complete a transaction and move on. We provide our clients a level of ongoing service you’ve not experienced before. We are attentive to every detail that can help you protect, and get the most from, your savings. This includes continuous access to concise information you can use to make decisions that are comfortable for you in managing your retirement. Our dedication to your best interest allows us to be a referral-based firm.

Visper Retirement Solutions is a Better Business Bureau A+ rated firm