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As a retirement services firm, our focus is on the wants and needs of retirees, and those seriously preparing for retirement. Our clients’ primary financial concern is the safety and security of their savings. They also want to achieve the best possible earnings on their savings, without jeopardizing safety and security. And for clients that need to take income from their savings, we can help them assure that some portion of their savings will provide the income they need in retirement, with lifetime guarantees, while always keeping access to, and control of, their account balances. We also help our clients with simple, effective, and easy to implement strategies to protect their savings from Probate, the IRS, and the disastrous consequences of a long-term medical care requirement like a Nursing Home stay. We help you achieve the peace of mind of a worry-free plan to manage your savings with safety and security, protect your assets, guarantee the retirement income you need for life, and preserve your estate.

Retirement Security & Income Planning

Learn how to develop a simple plan to keep your retirement savings safe, and provide the retirement income you need, while always maintaining control of, and access to, your savings…

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Protecting Assets From Long-Term Care

Learn how to prevent a long-term medical care requirement from impoverishing you or your spouse, and taking your legacy from your family, without having to buy long-term care insurance…

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Maximizing Social Security Benefits

Knowing how and when to file for Social Security can easily increase your Social Security Lifetime Pension Benefit Income by more than $100,000…

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